Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mouser-sponsored IoT Design Contest – Enabling your Creativity with Us

1) What is this Contest all about?

It is all about “Innovation.”

Professionals/Students/Hobbyists are encouraged to design and build innovative embedded systems using at least one of the 7 boards or components provided by Mouser. These include Murata PKGS Shock Sensors, Murata Board Mount Barometric Pressure Sensors, Murata UMAC Series Small Energy Device, Murata Type YD-Certified Wi-Fi Module, Broadcom WICED™ Sense Bluetooth® Smart Sensor Development Kit, Broadcom BCM92073X_LE_KIT WICED SMART™ Development Kit, Broadcom BCM20736 WICED™ Smart Bluetooth® System-On-Chip (SoC). More details are included at the end of this FAQ.

2) What is the Eligibility Criteria for the Contest?

The Contest is open to any individual or group of individuals residing in India. All the participants must be 18 years and above at the time of registration. Please refer to Rules and Regulations for more details.

3) How do I enter the Contest?

All Participants must use the Registration Form at the Mouser-sponsored IoT Design Contest website to register for this contest and obtain a Registration ID – Login/Password and then submit their abstracts to be considered for the same. Click here to register

4) We are a Team/ Group. Can we enter the Contest?

Yes, an individual / group of individuals can enter the contest, provided the eligibility criteria is adhered to. Read more about Participation Criteria in Rules and Regulations.

5) Is there a cap to the Group/ Team members ?

Maximum number of members in group/team is restricted to (4) Four.

6) For the Group/Team, will all the 4 members have to register?

For the group/team, the group/team leader can register and submit abstract on the group/team’s behalf, however we would require names of all members.

7) By when can I Register?

The deadline to send your abstracts after registering is 12th of February, 2016.

8) What is an Abstract and what do I need to include in the same?

The term “Abstract” refers to a synopsis of the Project (approx 500 words). Acceptable formats for abstracts is ASCII Text with at least a rough block diagram with proposed technology for implementation and components. An individual or a group can submit only one abstract. Multiple submissions will lead to disqualification.

9) Is there a Cap to the No. of Abstracts I can submit?

Yes, only one abstract is allowed through one registration id.

10) How and when do I get to know if my Abstract is selected?

You would be sent an Email (on the email-ID provided by you while registration) confirming the selection of your abstract. Also, you can check after 19th of February, 2016 for results of Top 100.

11) OK, my Abstract is selected. What now?

Congratulations! You have just passed the 1st level. After announcements, the items that you have selected from Mouser’s recommended list of seven boards and components will be sent to your registered address by EFY, which should reach you latest by 4th of March 2016. You can start your actual development on your project once you get the components.

12) When can I start working on my project?

You can start working as soon as you get the items that you have selected from Mouser’s recommended list of seven boards and components. We will try our best to provide the board to you on/ before 4th of March 2016. (The sooner you submit your abstract, the sooner we decide and the faster we deliver your board! Hurry up!)

13) Can I get more than one of each component?

No, you would have only 1 component to work on your project.

14) Can I submit more than one Project using the same board?

The project that you submit should be in relevance to the abstract approved by us identified by the unique project id OR it would be disqualified.

15) Will I get Technical support to complete my Project?

Qualified participants are encouraged to register on the Electronics Talk forum at

16) What is the deadline for submitting a Project/Entry?

We should receive the Project/ Entry Submissions latest by 12th February 2016.

17) How do I submit my Project / Entry?

To submit an Entry, you must upload your project files by logging in using the Login/password provided while registration. Click here to Login. For more details on format of Entry submissions, read Complete Documentation section on Rules and Regulations page.

18) What all do I need to include in the Project/Entry submission (Entry Requirements)?

For any Entry to be accepted, it should include an abstract, video of working model, and source code collectively. Click here for more details. Please use Youtube/Vimeo to upload video and send us the URL.

Note: The documentation and materials should not have the name of the Contestant/s. This would disqualify the contestant/s. The Project ID has to be mentioned in the Entry and this alone will completely identify the Project work.

19) Who owns the IP rights of the Project?

The design and project remain the IP of the participant. However, all winners must agree to sign a separate agreement granting the contest sponsor non-exclusive, assignable, full-publication rights of the Contest project if they win.

20) What are the Prizes?

First Prize: Rs 80,000

Second Prize: Rs 60,000

Third Prize: Rs 40,000

5 prizes for first 5 project submissions: power banks or portable hard drives

Weekly prizes for quiz contests for rest of the abstract submitters: power banks or portable hard drives

21) Will I get the full amount of the Prize?

The prize money that you won is liable to deductions like taxes, fees, duties, levies, etc. Please refer to Acceptance of Prizes in Rules and Regulations for more info.

22) How would the entries be judged?

Originality, Design Optimization, Technical Merit, Cost Effectiveness and Usefulness contribute to judging for Grand Prize(s). Other criteria like Efficacy, Usability, Application Area, Hardware/Software Optimization will also be very much considered. Please refer to Judging for Contest Sponsor Grand Prize in Rules and Regulations for more info.

23) Where can I see the results?

We will be sending emails to all selected candidates at every stage.

24) What are the reasons that can lead to my disqualification from entering or winning the contest?

a) Fake identities and fake registrations are not allowed and subject to disqualification.

b) Multiple project submissions:

Only one entry is permitted per participant or group and participant/s or group of participants competing through multiple Entries will be disqualified.

c) The documentation or the material should not include your/group leader’s name. Participants who leave their names in headers, footers, table of contents pages, schematics, etc. may be disqualified. Unique ‘Registration ID’ and Project name will completely identify the Project work.

d) Copying and plagiarizing the ideas:

Each Project entered in the Contest must be the original work and sole and exclusive property of the person or team who submits it or the participant must have written legal permission from the property owner.

e) Ill-practices and unnecessary disputes may lead to disqualification.

f) Incomplete documentations:

Incomplete, illegible, or defaced Entries will be rejected.

g) Submissions after deadline has passed:

Entries should be submitted in digital format by uploading the ZIP file using login or burnt in a CD which needs to reach the Contest Managing Partner (EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi) on or before the last day of submission. Organiser or Organising partners are not responsible for any loss/damage/any payment for courier of hard copy digital submissions not received on time.

For complete details, please check the Rules and Regulations Tab.

25) Where can I find detailed information about the products provided by Mouser?

Product name URL
Murata-no-tag PKGS Shock Sensors Learn More
Murata-no-tag Board Mount Barometric Pressure Sensors Learn More
Murata-no-tag UMAC Series Small Energy Device Learn More
Murata-no-tag Type YD-Certified Wi-Fi Module Learn More
Broadcom.svg WICED™ SenseBluetooth® Smart Sensor Development Kit Learn More
Broadcom.svg BCM92073X_LE_KIT WICED SMART™ Development Kit Learn More
Broadcom.svg BCM20736 WICED™ SmartBluetooth® System-On-Chip (SoC) Learn More